Caster sugar, light brown soft sugar, wheat flour, butter, free range eggs, sea salt vanilla extract

CINNAMON BUN: Cinnamon, icing sugar 

DAIM BAR: Chocolate daim bar 

ALL BUTTER FUDGE: + Butter, sugar, cream, golden syrup, salt 

BIRTHDAY JAZZLE: + White chocolate, sprinkles 

SMORE: + Marshmallow, milk chocolate 

PECAN PRALINE: Pecans, Butterscotch

WHITE CHOCOLATE & RASPBERRY: + Freeze dried raspberry, white chocolate 

MILK CHOCOLATE CHUNK: + Milk Chocolate, gold shimmer 

CHOCOLATE CHERRY: + Cocoa Powder, natural dried cherries 

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE: Milk, dark and white chocolate 

This  recipe may contain traces of all allergens - please do not purchase this product if you or the recipient have allergies.

Future cookies may contain allergens

Lost or damaged goods 

These cookie boxes will be sent via Royal Mail post, please appreciate that there may be minor cosmetic damage to the cookies during transit. However, if the cookies are deemed inedible or do not reach the standard in which you'd hoped, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

 With the Covid-19 pandemic, postal services are seeing high demand and in some cases, experiencing delays. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns two days after the estimated delivery date.


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