Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! Secondly, thank you for considering Sweet Buns to create your dream cake. 

All wedding cakes at Sweet Buns are individually created to suit you and your special day. All couples are different - some know exactly what they want from the word go, others may want to discuss in person and sample the cakes before making decisions. 

Whichever type of couple you may be (or anything in-between), I am happy to use the form of contact best for you, or arrange a consultation to discuss your plans. 

Below are a few points to consider when choosing your dream cake: 

1. Theme 

Does your wedding have a "feel" or theme? Continuity throughout your wedding is timeless and aesthetically pleasing - consider matching your cake with your colour scheme or request the same flowers as bouquet, to top your cake! 

2. Servings 

Are you having a intimate wedding day or a big bash? A wedding cake is traditional, but considering other extra's such as cupcakes, brownies or meringues can be an interesting way of feeding the crowds!